What we do is help you feel stronger, fitter and happier than you did yesterday.

If you’re unhappy with your body, fitness or health in any way and you desperately want to change that by losing weight so you can smile every day and feel alive then you’re in the right place.

Learn to love yourself again with Body+Beyond Performance.


Constantly feeling tired, hating what you see in the mirror and feeling trapped in your body isn’t a good feeling.

We have three signature programs and they have all been created on the principle of taking you away from feeling unhappy and helping you feel stronger, fitter and happier.

No matter how big or small your goal may seem, with the right help, support and guidance, you can achieve it!

You just have to believe you can do it, be willing to put the hard work in and of course be doing the right things, that’s where we come in.

Elite Private Coaching

Our exclusive, online or in person, one to one personal training programme based in Harrow, designed to suit you, your lifestyle and your individual needs.


Our exclusive small group personal training program in Harrow, where you get the best of both individual and team support

The Fat Loss Camp

Our exclusive Harrow based four times per week group training program created to help those who love group training and gym classes lose weight.

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Inside you’ll find out:

  • Exactly why you’re finding it so hard to lose weight.
  • How you can fix those problems without much effort at all.
  • What the difference between losing weight and fat is.
  • Why just trying to eat healthily is making you fat.
  • How you can have a life and a great body at the same time.

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The Fat Loss Camp - Team B

Elite Private Coaching & ProjectME

The Fat Loss Camp - Team A & B


Body+Beyond Performance: EPC & ProjectME
396 Kenton Road
Dunwoody House

We are located inside Snap Fitness in Dunwoody House.

Body+Beyond Performance: The Fat Loss Camp
Team A & C’s Sessions:
Christchurch Avenue

We are located inside Harrow Leisure Centre.

Team B’s Sessions:
1A Walton Road

We are located inside The Scouting Harrow & Wealdstone District Centre.



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