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Elite Private Coaching is a bespoke programme that has been designed with you in mind. We’ll help you to achieve your goals by working closely with you to highlight any areas that you think have previously been affecting your results.

If you desperately want to change your body and lifestyle and you’re ready to take action, then this is for you! Elite private coaching is a stress free way of getting the body that you’re so badly wanting.

You’ll work with us to create a fitness and nutrition plan that will fit in with your lifestyle so you don’t have to give up socialising, or get frustrated that you’re falling off the band wagon like you do on fad diets.

If you’re worried about staying on track then we’ve got that covered too. We know all to well how hard it is to stay on track all the time if you have no one looking over your shoulder! Accountability is one of the most overlooked benefits of working with coaches, so you’ll have regular check in’s where you can raise any concerns with your coach and to help keep you motivated and focused.

We’ll start with a private consultation and body assessment to find out what your goals are, so that we can tailor the programme to suit you, your lifestyle, and your body. We’ll also use this time to find any limitations that you have with your body and posture, so that so that we can work together to get the best results and make you feel amazing without the usual daily aches and pains.

Once your coach has your tailored training plan that ties in with your lifestyle, we’ll use this for your weekly private training sessions. You can also take it away for your independent sessions, ensuring you feel completely supported and motivated to achieve the goals that we have set for you. Each session will help you to feel more energetic, stronger, fitter and happier as you start to notice changes in your body.

The sessions will last an hour, however depending on the focus of the session and the goals we’ve set, it may be extended so that you receive the most of each visit. This will always be arranged beforehand and will work around your schedule.

Outside of your fitness goals we’ll also create a custom nutrition plan that is designed to help you achieve your goals and support the training that you’re doing. Not only that but we’ll consider factors such as your lifestyle, your family and your social life, so that you don’t ever have to feel like you’re sacrificing anything to achieve your goals. You’ll still be able to enjoy meals out with friends and family, drink alcohol and eat the foods that you love, all while achieving the body that you’ve always wanted! If you’re worried that you might run out of ideas for things to eat, then don’t worry, we’ll send you links to hundreds of recipe ideas so that you never get bored of what you’re eating.

We’ll take regular measurements so that we can track your progress together and adapt your training and nutritional plans where needed. A bi-weekly focus session will also review your progress and keep you motivated as we take the time to discuss anything that you feel that you need help with. We don’t want you to fall off the wagon, so this session will help you get the support that you feel you need to achieve your weight loss goals.

On top of that we’ll organise a monthly nutrition appointment where we’ll discuss things that you think are working and aren’t working for you. We’ll work closely together to set realistic and achievable targets to help you achieve your body goals. By adapting your nutritional habits you’ll start to build a better relationship with food, and you won’t have to worry about struggling with your weight again.


  1. Have someone to hold you accountable
  2. Finally get the body you’ve always wanted
  3. Wear the clothes that you’ve always wanted to without feeling self conscious
  4. Lose fat from the areas of your body that you currently hate
  5. Become leaner, toned and more defined
  6. Stop hating yourself when you look in the mirror and learn to love yourself again
  7. Have the energy that you need to match your lifestyle
  8. Learn simple techniques that you need to maintain your body once you’ve achieved the results you want
  9. Have new confidence that makes you feel powerful
  10. Eat out and go out for drinks with friends without feeling guilty and embarrassed
  11. Get the added support you need to meet your goals
  12. Never feel alone on your journey to a stronger, fitter and happier body

If you’d like individual support that’s tailored to your specific needs and feel you need one to one attention then this is for you.

At Body+Beyond we work with people who want to take action to get to their desired body shape, if feeling stronger, fitter and HAPPIER without sacrificing all the things you love in life is something that’s important to you then we can help you.

  1. You’re Guaranteed Results
    Our programs are designed to ensure you see results, we’re so confident about that we offer a money back guarantee.
  2. You’ll Be Apart of a Community & Team
    We honestly believe you cannot do this alone, so support is something we are massive on, that’s why not only will you constant help from your coaches but also the rest our members too.
  3. Suited To Your Lifestyle
    We show you how to find the balance between losing weight and improving your lifestyle without having to sacrifice your family, social life and any of the things you love.
  4. Honest & Real
    You can always trust that we will be 100% honest with you and everything you’re being asked to do is in your best interest.
  5. Science Based Approach 
    This just means we don’t do bulls**t, all of our methods and approaches are backed by the latest scientific evidence so you are guaranteed to see the results you want.

“My coach asked me ‘why do I bother?’ Well it’s because I want to be where I want to be, I know it’s where I should be and where I’m most happy being. I’ve been there before – many times – more times than not, but when I’m not there it always seems so far out of reach.
That is until now because for the first time ever I’ve met someone who has, with kindness, understanding and patience, built my confidence, allayed my fears, addressed all my issues encouraged and supported me like no other and actually proven that I can achieve what I considered unachievable whilst making it such good fun. – My coach Vin!
He’s tough inspiring and soooooo cheeky and has absolutely no idea of the impact he has on the people he works with or how he’s respected and admired by them.
So with that in mind, why do I bother? I bother because I know with his help I’m getting there and will get there! Thanks again for everything Vinay, never give up Coaching!”

Maureen Malliari

We’re so confident about you getting the results that you want, that if you take action on all the help and support provided and still aren’t happy with the results, you’ll receive your money back.

To find out more about our services, book your consultation call and speak with a member of our team.


Inside you’ll find out:

  • Exactly why you’re finding it so hard to lose weight.
  • How you can fix those problems without much effort at all.
  • What the difference between losing weight and fat is.
  • Why just trying to eat healthily is making you fat.
  • How you can have a life and a great body at the same time.

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