“Vin, I only want to lose a couple of kilos, not much, I’d rather lose a couple of dress sizes and tone up”


“If you want to lose a couple of dress sizes and tone up, you’re going to have to lose more than a couple of kilos.”


This is a common mistake I find people make when they first set out with trying to lose weight.


Many people underestimate how much fat they need to burn in order to look the way they want.


It’s understandable why, when you think of losing weight you automatically think of losing fat around the wobbly bits of your body, you don’t like, in reality, though, fat is distributed all around your body, and when you start burning it, it goes from ALL of these places.


So when you lose a kilo, in an ideal world, it will disappear from your tummy, in the real world, it vanishes from everywhere, your face, bum, arms, back, around your internal organs, even your feet and hands if you’re big enough, it’s why you don’t look too different in the mirror when a kilo disappears on the scales.


(If you’re relatively slim, this won’t be the case, the leaner you are the more noticeable a few kilos off will be)


If you are bigger and have a lot more to lose, don’t let that discourage you, you will lose large amounts of fat at a faster rate than a slimmer and leaner person will so, in the end, it’s all the same.


So how do you calculate how much weight you need to lose to look the way you want?


Well first you’d need to work out what your current body fat level is and then figure out what you’d like to be, from that, you can determine how much weight you need to lose and how long it will take for you to do that.


To do this accurately though, you’d need to get a DEXA scan, and to be completely honest with you it’s a waste of time and money.


What I would do is just keep doing what you need to with training and nutrition until you reach your goal.


If however, you’re someone who’d like to get a rough timescale and amount to lose just to give you a target, here’s what you can do.


Guess your body fat level using the pictures below:


Then using the same pictures pick what you’d like to look like.


Now calculate how much of your body is made of fat in KGs

(E.g if you weigh 80kg and are 30% body fat your fat mass is 24kg)


Now do the same for your target body fat percentage

(E.g  if you weigh 80kg and want to be 20% body fat your target fat mass is 16kg)


Subtract the two figures and this is your target weight loss

(E.g 24kg-16kg = 8kg)


Now in an ideal world, you lose around 1% of total body weight per week, so if you were 80kg that would be 0.8kg per week, so with an 8kg fat loss target, it would take you around 10 weeks to achieve this target.


Life doesn’t work perfectly so I would add at least 4 weeks to that goal.


So 14 weeks would be a realistic target to achieve that goal.


Obviously, you’d need to adjust this with your personal stats, but you get my point.


I hope you found that useful and it helps put some tangible numbers to your goals let me know if you have any questions or need any help with anything.

Your Coach,


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