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Anand’s Success Story

Over the past 15 weeks I have had the pleasure of training Anand on The Fat Loss Camp. He joined in November 2013 and since then completed 3 courses. On every course we run a little competition where the person with the largest fat loss receives their money back and guess what? Anand is the first ever member to win The Fat Loss Camp 3 times in a row or even just 3 times alone.

I just wanted to take this chance thank Anand for joining on The Fat Loss Camp and congratulate him on his success, not only has he smashed his expectations he has also smashed mine. Well done mate and keep up all the hard work, there are more amazing results to come for you!

Here’s a little Q&A I did with Anand, please have a read:

Why did you join The Fat Loss Camp?
In order to become more trim and fitter.

What you have achieved so far?
I now seem to have a lot more energy and I surprisingly feel less tired and more active during the day.
Weight loss – 2.5 stones (15.9kg)
Cm loss – a total of 49.3cm from my body, of which 15cm from my waist.

How has The Fat Loss Camp helped you achieve this?
All that has been achieved is 100% because of the FLC. The training sessions are tough but you feel a great sense of achievement after each one. Vin diligently sets out a range of exercises and he motivates you throughout each session. The complementary diet plan is also key. One of the best things I did was carefully read through the FLC starter pack and made notes on the types of foods I could eat and the recommended portion sizes. A few days into the FLC course, I provided Vin with my food diary and he was able to provide suggestions to further improve the diet. This actually included increasing my calorie intake on workout days! Without the training sessions, the diet plan and Vin’s support, the results achieved would not have been possible.

What you would say to someone thinking of joining?
In the words of Nike – Just Do It! No matter whether you are big or small, tall or short, old or young, the FLC caters for everyone! If you are looking to become fitter and healthier, in my opinion there is no better way than by joining The Fat Loss Camp.

Raj's Success Story


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